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Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individual Clients

Clinical Supervision for Practicing and Emerging Counsellors and Psychotherapists


Ruth offers counselling and psychotherapy using a broad range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches and interventions based on individual needs. Ruth aims to help you with a wide range of concerns and issues, and counselling sessions are tailored to meet whatever your individual needs are. Whether you are struggling with life transitions (ageing, empty nest, separation, divorce, feeling stuck) or just generally feeling that you need some help and support in navigating the many challenges that life throws at us, it can really help to talk to someone who listens, cares, and understands. 

Ruth also provides clinical supervision for emerging and experienced counselling practitioners across a wide range of sectors. 

Sometimes, life is challenging, and presents us with situations, thoughts and feelings that can seem overwhelming and hard to navigate. As we go through life we deal with many challenges such as: relationships; work; grief and loss; ageing; caring for others; trauma; feeling stuck; and times of loneliness or lack of direction. Finding our way through this maze can be very difficult, especially if you are trying to cope alone, or trying to make sense of a situation. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or looking for help with some of life’s challenges, it can help to speak to a professional counsellor. Counselling can provide support, a new perspective, strategies to help with coping with the day to day stuff, and help in making positive changes in many areas of your life.



Pricing for counselling appointments and professional supervision sessions

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For a one hour (60 minute) appointment


Clinical Supervision

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For a one hour (60 minute) professional/clinical supervision session

Group Supervision Sessions

$60 per hour

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